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August 31, 2012

LiberoVision an Olympics success in Latin America

Major sports broadcasters in Latin America like Globosat, TV Record, Televisa, and Medcom applied Libero Highlight for their London Olympics coverage and reported great success: Millions of viewers were attracted by the realistically looking 3D flights and game analyses.

Without requiring any infrastructure in the stadium (e.g. no calibration heads), the broadcasters were capable of creating astonishing views and insights into controversial situations on various sports. Libero Highlight analysis clips are possible even when having only access to the program or the highlights feed. Thus, broadcasters were especially excited about the flexibility in where to install the LiberoVision system. While TV Record used the system close to the studio in the IBC in London, Televisa, Globosat and Medcom decided to install their system at their respective headquarters in Mexico, Brazil, and Panama.

Due to the successful performance of Brazil in football, volleyball and beach volleyball, both Globosat and TV Record concentrated on these 3 sports. Globosat extended their analysis by LiberoVision partner Dartfish in order to cover also other sports like athletics, gymnastics, or high diving. Mexico’s Televisa took advantage of all LiberoVision Olympics sports, namely football, volleyball, beach volleyball, basketball, and handball. But of course, they focused on football when their national team headed for the title in the men’s tournament. Panama’s Corporación Medcom concentrated on the performances of the US Dream Team in basketball, but also analyzed a few football and volleyball games.

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